The now proven technology is incorporated within the newly introduced GS100 Series SUPER THREE SWEEPER,
The low noise and highly efficient engine mounted fan provides the high suction pressure necessary to lift all maner of materials. These are then separated by a cyclonic filtration system, thus allowing an indirect flow to the fan rendering it virtually maintenance free.
The hydraullically driven full width contra rotating brush arrangment header directs all the materials into the suction, where they are lifted, and then deposited into the rear mounted wheelie bin or bag. Our (patent applied for) recycling air system ensures that any dust pollution is kept to an absolute minimum making the machine suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Two foot pedal controls ensure the opeators have complete control of the machine whilst retaining full visibility of both sweeping and directional requirements. Making this ride on sweeper one of the most unique machines on the market. And by virtue of the hudrostatically driven front wheel incredibly tight operating conditions are possible for working in the smallest inaccessible areas.

Machine dimensions are 2100mm long, 950mm wide, a sweeping width of 1200mm with a turning circle of 2100mm. Pure simplicity and good engineering practices make these machines both simple to operate and maintain giving long-standing satisfaction and an unparalleled performace.
GS 100 Range

Customer demands for a highly efficient and reliable ride on suction sweeper has prompted the introduction of three new sweepers to the GRANDSWEEP range of products.